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From: Costa Rica

Musgrove + Company was established in March of 2017 Downtown Tecumseh, MI. With the intentions of fulfilling the demand from Tecumseh residents, a mission of Coffee is Community was born. Our Community starts in Costa Rica in which the specialty coffee we serve is meticulously cared fro and grown at the third generation farm of Cafe Rivense. Located in the Rivas Valley of Cerro Chirripó coffee is grown at elevations of 1100+ meters above sea level. After harvest the coffee undergoes an extensive process known as the Honey Process in which the mucilage of the coffee cherry is left on the bean and dried in the sun to produce a brighter more fruitful finish in the cup. 

to: Musgrove + YOU

After processing is complete in Costa Rica a long journey of exportation to importation pursues. In what takes multiple weeks we are honored to have observation throughout. Once the coffee is secured by us we carefully store in a climate controlled environment before a strategic roast is performed. We respect the process and lifespan of coffee in which many flavors are obtained before we enter a roast alteration. Our roast profile is determined with the farmer to encapsulate as much of the origin flavors as possible. This leads us to a light or medium roast in which preserves the terroir and provides a strong yet flavorful cup of coffee.

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